Svoboda Nazivo / Freedom at Work conference
Illustrations for the online-offline campaign promoting a live conference.
At Pospolu, I realized a series of illustrations based on conversations with Lukas.

We discussed about how to spice up a campaign to promote the second edition of a live conference where a series of talks are held on the subject of freedom in business, at work, at school.

Freedom as a motivation or better as the prerequisite for a genuine progress where everyone loves what they do because they chose to do what they love.

The previous edition adopted an illustrative concept where a man is floating freely and happily in the air above the city.

That gorgeous illustration of the man in white shirt and red tie freely floating in the air was created by the well known Prague based art director Jakub Ryvola.

For the 2012 edition Pospolu wanted to keep a stylistic continuity with the previous year. So they contacted me because they knew I could handle with this quite well.

We came up with the idea that some new characters will appear around the man floating in the air.

So, as Lukas suggested we could go drawing some animals attaining to do amazing things, play-dream activities such as an elephant on a balloon or a tuna fish riding a bicycle.

I also redrew the little man itself by giving it a stronger sense of enthusiasm and confidence since it got some expertise with floating in the air.