Salad / still-life drawing study for a logo
Illustration work made to develop an icon to be used for a logo.
The picture of a salad was chosen to develop a logo. At Pospolu I was requested to illustrate a specific kind of salad made of  tomato and cucumber slices, cheese cubes, olives, chopped peppers.

The style had to stay somewhere in between realistic depiction and comic expression in order to convey a feeling of taste for food, something that makes you sort of feel to eat the illustration itself.

I built the illustration by drawing the separate elements like if I was cutting and chopping the ingredients to prepare the real salad. This method allows to easily build different compositional solutions.

Each slice of tomato or cucumber, each cube of cheese, each olive and each bit of pepper would be used as typographical characters for the composition of new different sentences and paragraphs.

It was fun working on this even I knew that the final logo would be a dramatic simplification of any of the detailed compositions you see. I passed the elements on to the designer in charge to develop the final logo. The result will surely be something unexpected to me but still based on the compositional method followed and will render the style adopted.